For many years I have been using the application "Gene 4.3.4" to make these surname web pages. Gene was last updated more than ten years ago and requires the Mac OS 9 operating system to run. Keeping a Mac OS 9 system around to run this one application is inconvenient. Therefore, I decided to create a new application that runs with the Mac OS X system. There are some differences in the resulting web pages:
  • The birth date of spouses are shown in parenthesis after the spouse name
  • Individuals with more than one spouse are shown more than once – one time for each spouse. The names of these individuals are marked with an * and are also shown in a red color.
  • Months are shown in abbreviated format – Jan, Feb, etc.

Pages with a revision date 13 May 2011 or later will be in the new format.

May 24, 2011