Odessa Mass Executions 1937 - 1938

Surnames (A - K)

Surnames (L - Z)


Colony Code

Abel - Axtman

Laitenberger - Lutzom

D Indicates that this may be a duplicate record because all names and birth year are the same as in the adjacent record. However, the event number and sometimes the "execution" date are different. The significance of the event number is not known.

Indicates that the surname appears to be unique to a particular village so that a village of origin can be surmised.

•• Indicates that a match has been found in the St. Petersburg data (only the Glueckstal records have been checked) or "Hoffnungstal und seine Schwaben"

••• Indicates a high degree of certainty usually because of conversation with close relatives of the deceased.

These codes indicate possible colony (district) of origin. Where a firm declaration has been made, the village name is spelled out and other information may be given.

H = Hoffnungstal district
G = Glueckstal district
BE = Beresan Evangelical district
BC = Beresan Catholic district
Ku = Kutchurgan district
GE = Grossliebental Evangelical district
GC = Grossliebental Catholic district (none in this issue)

Bader - Beck

Maas - Melman

Becker - Blum

Merdian - Muchner

Bok - Buschel

Neer - Oyvin

Chepp? - Dupper

Pastjan - Pergitzer

Eberle - Eslinger

Raichert - Ridlinger

Faigert - Fix

Rigel - Rusnak

Flemmer - Furman

S(z)eltzler - Sherle

G(H)eib - Gesele

Schnaider - Simon

Getz - Gunter

Schertzer - Schmoll

Haber - Heiser

Singer - Stuks

Heitzman - Hertner

Stump - Trost

Heterle - Huneker

Ulman - Uselman

Imberi - Jundt

Wachman - Weis

Kaiber - Keyman

Weiser - Wurster

Kiess - Kraft

Zayler - Zwicker

Kranz - Kuschpil

Source of information:
Ehrman List - 1208 people (event #23 to #4374) - "Neues Leben", Nr. 38-43, 46-49, 18 September 1991 thru 4 December 1991.
Heinle List - 519 people (event #6769 to #7972) - "Neues Leben", Nr. 25, 17 June 1992. This information only included in the figure.
Note: In both lists there are duplications and not all event # are used.

Issues of Neues Leben beginning in the 1970s can be seen at the NDSU Libraries but are not available on ILL.

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Translated by Vera Beljakova-Miller
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